Landing Page Optimization For Ecommerce Websites

landing pages

Landing pages are the crux of your business. It’s where the buyer arrives. This is where your sales conversion starts. Your landing pages should be eye-catching, fun, interactive and engaging. There are some great landing pages and best practices to maximize your landing pages efforts.

Landing pages can be your sales brochures. These are the words, videos, and images that bring visitors to your sales page. The content on your landing pages should engage and entertain the visitors while guiding them toward a buying decision. Ecommerce landing pages are virtual storefronts.

This is exactly what catches the visitor’s attention, holds them long enough for them to peruse your website and starts their purchasing experience. Designing eCommerce landing pages for your business that engages the visitors is important. This is where the power of keywords comes in and makes all the difference. A great landing page can capture the attention of the visitor, hold their attention and guide them through the sales funnel.


The headline is the most important part of any landing page. In the past, landing pages were quite simple. They contained just text and images to engage and entice the visitor. The problem is, landing pages with effective headlines are not nearly as effective as landing pages that use other strong selling tools. A simple headline should accomplish two things. First, it should create interest and curiosity among the visitors.

Secondly, it should compel the visitor to take action. It should create a sense of urgency. The most successful landing pages are the ones that get visitors to take action right away. There are two kinds of visitors; impulsive visitors and controlled visitors. Impulsive visitors are those that act on impulse while controlled visitors are those that take their time to investigate your offers and make educated decisions.

landing pages


In today’s competitive markets, you must be able to turn any visitor into a customer. To do this, you must engage with your visitors and get them to take action. This can be done through your landing pages and your product pages. Landing pages and product pages to help you with your goal of conversion. They help you focus on getting your visitor to take a certain action like filling out a form or registering for your mailing list.

It would be a good idea for you to start building your landing pages and product pages around your target audiences. This will help you better inform yourself about who your visitors are, what they want and what problems they are looking to solve. A landing page should not just be a page where you can tell a brief story about yourself. You need to include graphics, testimonials and other high-quality images that draw attention to your products.

Stand Out

High-quality images and testimonials work together like a well-oiled machine. Visitors will be more likely to opt-in to your mailing list or buy your product if they find an image that tells them something interesting. Another way to draw attention to your landing pages is by making sure that the button colour has a high-value. If the button colour is red, for example, your visitors will know right away that they have clicked on a potentially unwanted hyperlink.

The most effective landing pages in eCommerce sites need to stand out from the crowd. They need to grab the visitor’s attention right away and make them stop and examine what your website has to offer. The landing page should not contain any banners, advertising and links. Your landing pages should not consist of just one image, but multiple images and text with relevant keywords so that the search engine spiders can index the pages properly.

High-quality landing pages will generally contain several links leading back to other pages on the site. The links that are included will serve as social proof. The more links there are leading back to the landing pages, the more social proof the website contains and the more likely visitors are to click on those links and visit other parts of the site.

Landing pages are not simply places where visitors go and look at some ads. They are also ways to engage with the visitors so that they stay longer on the site and potentially convert into customers. Landing pages should include a call to action for the visitor, either to click a link or engage with the content. Internal links to other sections of the website will also be beneficial to the conversion rate because visitors will tend to naturally click to those areas when they are directed to something relevant. The ultimate goal of landing pages is to provide useful information for the visitors and to encourage them to take action.

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